On August 6, 1945, Sadako, age 10, survives the bomb blast but develops cancer from the radiation. She believes folding 1,000 senbazuru will cure her because they are a symbol of long life. Sadly, Sadako dies before finishing, but her school friends complete her mission and, ever since, people continue to make colorful paper cranes in her memory.

Tiny victory: I’ve mastered public transit ルール - the hard way.

  • No eating, at all, except inside restaurants. (I got frowns.)
  • On the platform, line up in twos at a marked spot where the doors will open.
  • Avoid rush hour, or you will be packed onto a train—physically. By someone whose job that is.
  • On the train, I was politely told to remove my backpack and put it at my feet to make room for others.
  • If you’re by the door, get out at every station to let others off. Then hop back on. Hurry!
  • Stand left, walk right on the escalator (the opposite of Osaka).
  • Shinjuku mall is a maze within a maze. Be ready to ask for (and understand) directions. Multiple times.

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The BradField Company's INANIMATE ALICE is a digital novel that never ends, narrated by Alice, an aspiring game designer. Free to view online are episodes 1-5 www.inanimatealice.com and 12 photo stories www.inanimatealice.edu.au set in Australia. This digital journal takes place between episodes 5 and 6 (coming in 2015), during Alice's Gap Year.

Editorial Direction: Hopping Fun Creations
Design and Coding: Andy Campbell
Editorial Assistants: Chelsea Reidy, Elayna Snyder

Language Consultant: Kathleen Duquemin
Voice Actor: Naoko Nishikawa
Brad illustrations: John Welding

Special Thanks to Contributors: Kathleen Duquemin, Alexander Walsh, Nathan Lane, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Meaghan Baker, Rachel Spence, Jerry To

Video credits: Shibuya (cover), home meal (page 8): copyright © Elayna Snyder; Tokyo station (page 2), ramen (page 7): Nathan Lane; vending machine (page 5): David Elman in Ehime-ken.

Image Credits: Gundam (cover, page 5): CC attribution Alexander Olm; Tokyo subway (page 2): Wendy Ikemoto; Harajuku, skateboard cat (page 3): Rachel Spence; otaku (page 4): CC attribution David Gibson; android (page 5): Kodomoroid® is a registered trademark owned by Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Dentsu, Inc., Chiba Marine; UFO Catcher, Godzilla (page 5): CC attribution Tasayu Tasnaphun; Akihabara (page 5): CC attribution 利用者 risinng-dragon; sushi (page 6): CC attribution Craig Piersma; konbini (page 6): Alexander Walsh; oden, seafood (page 7), takoyaki (page 8): Kathleen Duquemin; chopsticks (page 7): CC attribution Adam/Atom; snow monkeys (page 8): CC attribution CN Battson.

Sound Credits: Tokyo sounds (gadget): kabit, Trinity 101, sleepkid at Freesound.org; Japanese directions (page 3): Nathan Lane.