Language Learning

Home-Cooked Meal

At the door, I stumble through polite introductions and bows (bows at every greeting! even with friends!). Then, I slip off my shoes and slip on the guest スリッパ as I enter the アパート.

Right away, I notice how きれい and しずか it is.

To my surprise, that’s okay. More than okay, actually. Tranquility isn’t a word I’d normally use to describe Tokyo.

The second thing I notice is one pair of disposable おはし on the table. I know they’re for me, the honoured guest. Hiromi’s friends have their own permanent おはし.

So. An evening of conversation with two strangers. In 100 percent 日本語.


PS. The final thing I notice this evening is that my language games are working. I’m getting the hang of 日本語. At last.