Language Consultants: Julie Newnham, Brynna Rafferty-Brown

"Keripik Sukun Mbok Darmi" animation on page two by Heri Kurniawan, who kindly gave permission.

Brad illustrations by John Welding

Video clips of everyday life in Indonesia are generously provided by the KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies). They are part of a long-term documentation project 'Recording the Future' of KITLV, LIPI (The Indonesian Institute of Sciences), and Offstream Film. www.kitlv.nl

Inanimate Alice episodes 1-5 and 12 photo stories set in Australia are free to view online.

You can view the one-hour documentary "Don't forget to remember me - everyday life in Indonesia" online for free.

Creative Commons attribution (images): Couple on a motorbike (cover), five teens (page 3): Adam Jones/Global Photo Archive/Flickr; car-free Sunday and TV News van: Gunawan Kartapranata (Wikimedia Commons).

Copyright © used by permission: Atmosfear slide: Martin Archer/Flickr
"Jaya's" sketch: Cedharr Dharr/Urban Sketchers (cedharrsketchbook.blogspot.com)

Creative Commons attribution (sounds): Karate kids: Parking Sun; Jakarta traffic: maarten_wez; peddlars on train: adhihargo; Jakarta airport: badvibezrproductionz; taxi: djbacon; and other sounds from the Indonesia Sound Archive: https://archive.org/