Big Date

Jaya picks me up (jam karet, naturally) and he says softly, "Maaf, macet, macet, Mbak Alice. Selamat pagi!" (I love how he says my name, like Ah-LEES. And how he so politely uses Mbak. I feel like such a lokal.)

I hop in the bajaj quickly before Tante Batari can interrogate him too much and I notice that we both have our sketchbooks. An excellent sign.

JAYA says to the driver, "Ke Ancol, Pak. Hati-hati, ya Pak!"

And in a blur, Ancol Dreamland, with your Taman Pantai and Pasar Seni and Gondola Kereta Gantung and Dunia Fantasi, kita di sini!