On August 6, 1945, Sadako, age 10, survives the bomb blast but develops cancer from the radiation. She believes folding 1,000 senbazuru will cure her because they are a symbol of long life. Sadly, Sadako dies before finishing, but her school friends complete her mission and, ever since, people continue to make colorful paper cranes in her memory.

Onsen No-No-No's

No shoes
No tattoos
No bathing suits
No bathing without washing first (lots of soap—then rinse well!)
No cloth in the bath water (put your wash towel on your head)
No splashing, diving, or swimming
No photographs inside (obviously)
No peeking through partitions (obviously)
No dripping water in the change room (towel off first)

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The BradField Company's INANIMATE ALICE is a digital novel that never ends, narrated by Alice, an aspiring game designer. Free to view online are episodes 1-5 www.inanimatealice.com and 12 photo stories www.inanimatealice.edu.au set in Australia. This digital journal takes place between episodes 5 and 6 (coming in 2015), during Alice's Gap Year.

Editorial Direction: Hopping Fun Creations
Design and Coding: Andy Campbell

Language Consultant: Kathleen Duquemin

Voice Actors: Naoko Nishikawa, Misako Pranatio

Brad illustrations: John Welding
Dogo Onsen illustration: Pam Spiegel

Special Thanks to Contributors: Elayna Snyder, Chelsea Reidy, Kathleen Duquemin, Alexander Walsh, Nathan Lane, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Meaghan Baker, Rachel Spence, Jerry To

Video credits: Himake interview (cover, page 3), Mochi (page 4), Wild Boar (page 7): copyright © Elayna Snyder and Chelsea Reidy; Mt. Fuji (page 8): Kathleen Duquemin.

Image Credits: School girls (cover): © copyright Nizam-mr (ejump); cranes (page 2): CC attribution Vincent_AF; flowers (page 2): copyright © Saeko Hoshino; Peace Dome (page 2): © copyright Elayna Snyder; peace bell (page 2), Miyajima and sea creature (page 3): Kathleen Duquemin; okonomiyaki (page 3 series): © copyright Backpackingman; school class (page 3); CC attribution Left Hand Rotation; bike (page 4): CC by Turnerw82; food stand (page 5): CC attribution Christian Kaden; rickshaw, steep street (page 5): CC attribution Wakanacafe ; robed men (page 6): CC attribution David McKelvey; temple, towel man: © copyright Elayna Snyder; Dogo Onsen (page 6), foot bath (page 7): CC attribution Rick Elizaga; onsen doors (page 7): CC attribution Héctor García (kirainet); snow monkeys: CC attribution SF Brit.

Sound Credits: Pilgrims chanting (gadget): copyright © Elayna Snyder; peace bell (page 2): CC attribution Heigh-Hoo.