You can turn these words into hiragana by matching the sounds to the characters on the chart.

bonsai ("tray plantings"-like tiny trees)
edamame ("stem bean")
hibachi ("fire bowl"-a grill)
futon ("cloth mass"-a mattress)
karaoke ("empty orchestra")
karate ("empty hand"-a martial art)
kimono ("wear thing"-traditional robe)
manga (Japanese comics)
origami ("folding paper")
sudoku ("digit single" number puzzle)
tsunami ("harbor wave")


カフェ (katakana)
Cocomo (romaji)
をよろしく (hiragana)

"So Hari, I am waiting on the platform for the train from the airport to Osaka to arrive. A line up of uniformed women are waiting at measured distances along the platform, and we all line up behind them.

The train arrives and stops, passengers get off and then all the women — each one to a door — get on with brush and bucket, placing yellow plastic chains across the entrance to stop us from getting on. After 90 seconds they have each cleaned their compartment and — EXACTLY at the same time! — get off the train and remove the yellow chains.

At that moment, every seat on the train turns 180 degrees to face forward. The women invite the passengers to get on. As the train leaves the station — on time to the second!— the women stand in a line on the platform waving us off.

Weird! xo Alice"

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