Language Consultants: Julie Newnham, Brynna Rafferty-Brown
Voice Actor: Wawan Hermawan
Brad illustrations: John Welding

Inanimate Alice episodes 1-5 and 12 photo stories set in Australia are free to view online.

Orangutan video game art (page 8) copyright © rizki katamsi, used by permission.

The Baby Orangutan Rickina video and photo (cover) is © International Animal Rescue. View the video in full online. Find out more about Rickina’s story and the orangutans of West Kalimantan - visit Orangutan Outreach and the organisation's YouTube channel.

For more about Camp Leakey (page 6) and orangutan research, rehabilitation, and conservation, visit Orangutan Foundation International.

Gibbon (page 6): Copyright © Barbara Kinney Photography, used by permission.

Video clips of everyday life in Indonesia (pages 2-3) are generously provided by the KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies). They are part of a long-term documentation project 'Recording the Future' of KITLV, LIPI (The Indonesian Institute of Sciences), and offstream film.

You can view the one-hour documentary "Don't forget to remember me - everyday life in Indonesia" online for free.

Creative Commons attribution (images): Chinese-Indonesian meal (page 2): Gunawan Kartapranata on Wikimedia Commons; Kelam Hill in Sintang (page 3), palm fruits (page 7): Ramadian Bachtiar for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR); klotok on river (page 4), klotok inside (page 5), camp leakey (page 6) © Sandra Vallaure on Flickr; orangutan with bananas (page 5): Gemma I Jere on Flickr; monkeys (page 5): Frank Wouters; hornbill (page 5): Max Grabert; orangutan with milk (page 7): Italo/Ana on Flickr; deforestation (page 7): Josh Estey for AusAID; floating market (page 8): Harri J.

Creative Commons attribution (sounds): Dayak song (on gadget): Community Audio collection, isen mulang ; Jungle Mix (gadget) TBC; orangutan calls (gadget, page 7): University of Zurich, Anthropology Institute and Museum's Orangutan Network, where you can listen to dozens more orangutan calls online and learn about orangutan field research; Gibbon calls (page 5): Soundbytez on